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Fortnite, in PC format, and Candy Crush

Fortnite, in PC format, and Candy Crush

Most programmers don’t have the same computer equipment at home as they did in the office, they say on the BBC, and many companies require programmers to follow strict security guidelines to keep new games secret, which can prevent applying certain updates from outside the office. Epic Games has not confirmed whether these are the reasons.

The game digital, those who do not need physical support for distribution, recorded a new high in 2019: according to data from Nielsen, the industry generated more than 109,400 million dollars, some 98.000 million euros. Fortnite, in PC format, and Candy Crush, designed for smartphones, lead the list of the most wanted titles in a market that advanced 3% over the previous year.

The first of these video games, Fortnite, developed by the industry giant Epic Games, generated on its own $1.8 billion, about 1.6 billion euros, despite the fact that this game is distributed for free.

This is one of the most common ways to also market games designed for mobile. Only free titles represent 80% of total spending over the past year.

As for the video game market designed for mobile devices, this market accounted for 73% of total revenues. The leaders of this sector are, in addition to the aforementioned Candy Crush, the video game Honor of Kings, developed by the Chinese company Tencent.

Regarding markets, Asia stands out as the largest consumer of free digital video games, followed by North America and Europe. Regarding premiums, the order is reversed: the European leads the ranking, followed by North America and Asia.

In addition, during the past year, the consumption of payment securities increased by 5%, to place total expenditure at 18.9 billion dollars, about 16.94 billion euros. The growth of games that do not require a physical format is such that it has given a twist to the formula with which the most famous titles are sold.

This can be seen in the figures generated by FIFA 19 developed by Canadian EA Sports. The launch, in September 2018, generated the company 786 million dollars – approximately 704 million euros – while the next version of the renowned soccer simulator, FIFA 20, launched in September last year, rose to number 4 with sales of 504 million euros. And this only in the digital business.

The popularity of these video games has led to the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI) recently published the first economic report of the industry in Spain. A devastating fact is revealed in the text: the industry already reaches 0.11% of GDP and assumes that for each euro invested, another three are generated.

In total, in Spain, it creates 8,790 direct jobs and has an impact of 3,577 million euros and an impact on another 22,828 more jobs. By tasks, editing represents 14.3% of the business, audiovisual production 9.6%, and programming 3.8%, the main business channels in the industry.

A Canadian law firm is preparing a lawsuit on behalf of the parents of two minors, ages 10 and 15, who are reportedly addicted to the popular video game.

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