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Epic Games Store is coming to Android, iOS, a possibility


The Fortnite Creators Store debuted in late 2018, but its expansion has only just begun. Epic Games Store is planned for mobile devices, as Tim Sweeney, CEO of the company, said in a statement to GameSpot. We would like to launch the store on iOS in the future, he begins, just after confirming that its publication on Android is guaranteed.

According to Sweeney, it’s a good move to help the industry continue to take steps forward, as well as a new path in which Epic as a video game developer has gathered her audience around Fortnite. The manager says they have learned to distribute their products on both PC and Android.

As Americans continue to work on Unreal Engine 5 and other online services, Sweeney says they will try to serve the industry and provide a really interesting alternative to the ecosystem. Since the Epic Games Store started, the company has worked to offer more advantageous conditions to developers, something that has earned them some temporary exclusivity agreements. In addition, they will reinforce their facet as publishers, since they have signed an agreement with Remedy Entertainment, Gen Design, and Playdead in order to publish their next games.

Another attraction of the digital store is that they have developed a policy of free titles, which in recent weeks has made a lot of noise on the Internet. This is because Grand Theft Auto V, the Rockstar Games bestseller, was offered to everyone with a free store account. The next to arrive have not been minor products either. Not surprisingly, the names are Civilization VI and Borderlands: A Very Beautiful Collection, also from 2K Games. Until Thursday 4, it is still possible to get hold of this latest compilation.

Epic Games has not explained why, but season 3 of the Fortnite video game, scheduled for April 30, will be delayed. In return, the company will extend Season 2 with new events to maintain player interest.

According to Epic Games, for Fortnite season 2, there is still plenty of new content to come, including several updates that will offer more game options, new challenges and experiences, bonuses, and a couple more surprises.

With more than 280 million registered players — tens of millions of whom regularly play — Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular new players. And it is also one of the most profitable: in 2019 Epic Games pocketed $1.8 billion, 19 times more than what was collected by Spanish cinema throughout the year.

And as has happened with other video games and even with e-sports, their use has increased due to the confinement that keeps nearly half of the world’s population at home.

According to information published by Epic Games on its blog, season 3 is scheduled for June 4. This is the second delay – season 2 also premiered last year a couple of months later than originally planned – so it is not evident that this delay is due to the health crisis or if it is due to other reasons, although The BBC points to limitations due to telecommuting from the company’s developers.

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